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Matthew Halliday, P. Geo.
President & COO
Nord Precious Metals is excited to be working with all stakeholders to become one of Canada's next critical metals producers in a timely, open and responsible manner.

Sustainability Report

We released a Self-Assessment derived from The United Nations framework Sustainable Development Goals and the Responsible Mining Index criteria. The report outlines initiatives taken by the company and goals to be achieved in the future.
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Core Values

Sustainable Development

We have a long history in Ontario and Quebec.

Health and Safety

Safety is our top priority


We hold environmental responsibility in the highest regard.


We are committed to local stakeholders

Work Culture

Our staff feels safe, valued, and engaged.
We are a small, dynamic team that achieves progress and strives for success without compromising economic, social, or environmental integrity. We aim to meet the demands of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.
With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, we continue to enforce strict safety protocols to keep our staff safe. Health and Safety is a mindset that defines a culture and allows our staff to return home at the end of the day.
We aim to reduce our environmental impact and footprint as much as possible for the benefit of future generations. With our Re-2Ox process and environmental baseline studies, we are actively meeting our environmental obligations.
We work with local stakeholders and First Nations communities. The Company engages in meaningful involvement and uses locally sourced goods and services wherever possible.
Our employees are critical to company success and are the foundation for our future growth. We encourage respect between peers, trust in leadership, and opportunities for professional development.
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